i dont feel good

talia made some potatoe soup for dinner… and now i dont feel good. it seems i ate to much for dinner i should have stopped but continued with a second bowl…

now i feel full…

thats my problem when it comes to something that tastes good i eat to much of it…

side note: don’t eat to much of talia’s potato soup it will mess you up…


but man its good. 


i also saw this today while cruising around and i love love these posters…

i hope i win some. anything my michael c. place is just awesome.


he is one of the people i look up too when it comes to design. 

i dont think i will ever be near his level but one can only hope. right? you have to love the simplicity of his work. it sucks you in. minimalistic design.  

well its time for bed 2 more days and finally a day off… then we have kaydees bday party, she is turning 4. i need to take some photos… i posted last years in my old blog i should post those again… and then the new ones. though i have to hunt for negs… but im looking forward to seeing this little girl. 

see you all sometime this weekend. 


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