birthday party madness

so like i said this weekend it was crazy worked saturday, went to a kids birthday sunday, i honestly believe that children parties are the hardest events sometimes… well kaydence turned 4 and we celebrated at peter piper pizza it was fun as always. 

these are from that day i shot expired ferrinia solaris 400 film… for some odd reason it worked… im tempted to get prints to see what they look like it seems the index print looked way nice… and the saturated colors looked cool… alot of flare from the scan…


take a look…

kaydence playing with her balloons… funny what balloons can do to children. 


reese this kid is one goofy kid. i love his shirt. 

this is nick and jaime, and there daughter rylee. such a cutie that baby girl…

she even has her little ears pierced. 

more rylee…

here is nick being nick. somethings dont change. 

and now being a dad… i think its funny if you asked us maybe 8 years ago we would be hanging out together celebrating one of our daughters birthdays we would have laughed… funny how things like that work out. 

getting ready to blow out the candles.

and there it is. 


time for presents. her and my brother. 

mother and father in background trying to sort out the presents. 

while she goes digging for more. 


grandma i wonder what she was thinking about… she was just thinking…

my sister and our great mother… she is in her 80s right now. and still able to do things that most 80 year old people cant do. 

ok now for some cake this little girl was out playing games and then sat down for 3 whole minutes to have some cake and ice cream, this little girl has such a sweet tooth. 

 and ill leave you with this one. i love this one… it makes me laugh. 

hope you enjoyed these shots it was fun shooting it…

sooner or later ill have some black and white…

i miss seeing black and white here. i hope this post finds you well and waiting for the weekend…

on another note i bought a used bike of craigslist for 25 bucks. a raleigh 3 speed bike. needs new tires but looks really nice needs a clean but it looks awesome. 

pics to come. 



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