my poor girly.

this week was such a blur. i’m typing this out at 2:30 am and really should be asleep with my girls but no im here typing not because i really want to sit here, but im waiting for the wash and i really cant do anything about that. 

well i dont even know where to begin honestly this week has just been hell. i have been working late for the last couple of nights sometimes to about 9 in the evening, other times i have been going in early. we have a event in the morning at 7:00 am. thats why i should be sleeping. but for some odd reason i fell asleep on the couch. so i awoke at about 2:00 am to throw clothes in because i really have not washed this whole week. work has been one thing, i was prepared for that. i set myself up mentally for these grueling couple of weeks, remember i worked last weekend too? and next week ill be on a trip. so yeah at work we are a bit busy right now. we also have to start piecing our quaterly report together, we are supposed to have a draft monday, i think we will have it ready sometime this week… (side note: chad i didn’t have my pictures either).

well the other night chloe woke up crying at about 4:00 am in the morning and we awoke just as she threw up all over her crib, we jumped up and started to clean her up thinking maybe she ate to much for dinner or something. honestly i don’t even know what day this happened, thats how crazy things have been. well back to chloe, well we change her and clean her up and then lay her down with us, well a couple of minutes later the same thing, only all over our bed. talia had to sleep with her sitting up on the couch. she tells me to go back to bed since i have work in the morning i lay down for a hour and im up at 6 getting ready for work.

  well as the morning progressed it got worse and worse. chloe would not keep anything down, and her throwup got to the point where she had nothing in her stomach and it started to turn yellow then to bile green. she starting to turn weak and was starting to get a fever so by noon that morning we took her to sacaton hospital waited for like 3 hours then they said just to watch her and try to keep her hydrated. apparently from other parents that have done this whole parenting thing before said this is common among hospitals you wait a couple of hours then you see a doctor for 5 minutes and then go home. 

well that night the same thing, we were able to get chloe to eat some rice cereal and maybe a tiny bit of milk and some water. well it starts up again the next day im at work and talia is telling me this over the phone, she tells me she is taking her to the emergency room here in chandler.  (side note you know i honestly don’t know how talia does it sometimes, she takes care of this child and then even takes care of me its unbelievable.)

well my wash is in the dryer, and im tired so ill finish this tomorrow after work… till then. 

so its now sunday 12:35 PM and I’m back writing this thing.

well work was to be expected tiring and busy. it was a cool day actually, not to hot. i did spend some time there afterwards to take some photos. i think i got some good stuff hopefully. i shot some color to see if my camera is still working ok, it fell out of my bag thursday night.  well thursday chloe got sicker and talia had to take her once again to the emergency room, instead she took her her to chandler. they hooked her to a IV and took a blood sample to figure out what she had. apparently they said that she had a stomach flu. then they transfered her to mercy gilbert hospital as they didn’t have a pediactirc center like mercy did. she spent the night there, she got some sleep not much but she was a little better me and talia got some sleep too. she was able to come home the next day, talia spent the day with her and i went to work. when i came home she seemed fine and was being her old self. i went to work the next morning and talia said she had started to get diarrhea, and last night after work i came home and chloe was playing and she threw up again this morning she was able to keep some milk in her tummy, i just hope she gets better. i feel so bad for her right now. ill be updating this hopefully she gets better soon. 




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