i started to feel sick

yep i started down that road of sickness last night well actually yesterday afternoon. i don’t know if it was something i ate or did i get the bug that chloe had. all i know is i felt awful. all i had for lunch was some sprite and a bean and cheese burrito. well when i got home i felt awful my body was aching i had the cold sweats and couldnt get warm and my stomach felt like i had been punched, just your average symptoms of the flu rearing its ugly head. so me feeling like the only thing i could do to help myself was make myself throw up…

i know that sounds awful, but sometimes it needs to be done. 

i actually felt a whole lot better after that. 

so i wake up this morning and i still am a little hot, i had a head ache, but i feel fine. ate some toast drank some apple juice to keep myself hydrated. 

who knows i might beat this thing.




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