my new bike

my new bike. 

well about a week ago i bought a bike of craigslist. its a raleigh 3 speed, i think it might be from the 80’s or something.  its a really nice bike, it has alot of grime and needs a good cleaning. also needs new tires as they are rotted and maybe some new rims.  im excited to get it running, ill be using it mostly for riding to work.  it is way lighter than my paul frank bike. i wont be doing as much work going to work. 

so i went and bought it for $25 bucks not to bad i think. though i really felt bad for buying it. i was told by the previous owners grandson that he hurt himself he broke a hip, and shattered his ankle and would not be able to ride a bike again. i felt really bad for him. i also told him it was going to a good home and it would be put to good use.  i hope he passed that on to him.

but i must say i like it.


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