from a beach in tampa

thats where im typing this message from…well actually its my room overlooking the beach. i know what am i doing here in tampa typing a blog when i could be out there. i honestly dont know, might be cause im home sick and would rather be at home sitting on the couch. that might be it. 


when your gone from your loved ones you realize how much you just want to be with them, how much i want to be with my wife and daughter. 

i miss them. 

yes this is a beach and yes its nice but i really need a vacation from work. 

this place seems so far away from home. i just feel like i really just want to go back and be there. i didnt think it would get to be but i guess it is. i know it has already gotten to talia. but i guess i really just dont want to be here right now. 


look at that view


man im really a lame person aint i…

alright maybe ill go sit outside for awhile. 

it would be cool if they had a bike rental place here, so you could just go and ride wherever. 



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