last post from tampa and then im home…..

hmmm i started a post earlier today i guess it didnt save it. well tommorow im out of this place on my way home from this place, it kinda sucks our flight leaves at 8 in the morning from here in tampa, then we head to Minneapolis for a 4 hour layover, then into phoenix.

im ready to be home with my family.

this place is pretty but it doesnt really feel good without my family. i miss them to much. i honestly really didnt do much, mostly went out and ate alot im tired of eating big meals really just want some food from home. 

i got to se some cool stuff, the other day honestly i cant even remember what day it was i found out that they had a Dali museum here. i was truly excited i spent 25 bucks to get there. hung out for a couple of hours saw some amazing paintings as well as his films. it really was a treat for me. and the best thing about this trip. i also went walking trying to shoot some film but man there was no one on the streets, and mostly homeless. i honestly don’t know how much i walked. i know i started at about 1st street and ended up on 22nd street, that doesn’t include the up and don’t walking the avenues. i was pretty tired after that trip.  

but alot of the time we are driving somewhere. some of the girls i work with really dont like walking much. the first night me and my coworker wanted to walk since we had spent all day inside a plane. walked about 3 or 4 miles. not to bad. the weather was awesome. 

breezy with a chill from the ocean.

but its been alot of the same thing work until about 4 then go out and eat and then bed.

i finally made it out to the beach as the sun was setting such a beautiful thing to see. i wished talia and chloe were with me at that moment. i also finished a black and white roll at that time and then loked in my shirt pocket and saw i mistakenly grabbed a roll of color film. i shot the whole roll…

but thats most of the stuff i did while here. i did learn a thing or 2. im hoping it will get me back into the rotation of things back at work. 

well ill be back tommorow. 

its 9:26 here and i need to pack and get ready for home. 

i tell you though the 3 hour difference kills me. 

i hate jet lag. kills me every time. 




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