Sitting on the couch

its been seems like forever since i have been able to sit at home on my own couch and not have to worry about work, or traveling, its been i think about a month since i was able to sit here and relax. its nice. im tired but doing alright. 

im still alive. 

in other news me and talia last night went to go see my favorite band last night. RUSH is always a good band to see live. they always put on such a awesome show. this has been only my third time seeing them. my first concert ever was when my dad took me for i think it was my 14 birthday to see them. i already was in love with the band but after that i became a crazed fan buying all there past cds. listening to them over and over again. honestly its a bit sad that i know so many of there songs and can sing them word for word and even know every note.

ask my brother im a pretty obsessed fan.

i put him through so many listenings of rush.

well in february for my birthday Talia bought a pair of tickets for me, and im sure she didn’t think of herself while buying these tickets. wink wink. 

well last night was the concert and honestly it was pretty hard and a bit sad, this has been my first RUSH concert since dad has passed away. if you think i am bad when it comes to these guys he was worse. well i was more afraid of how i would feel once they started to play. to be honest i did cry a bit thinking of him and the last RUSH concert we attended together, it was a couple of months before he passed away. it was a bit weird seeing them without him screaming lyrics in me and talia’s ear. him having to many beers and when his favorite song “passage to bangkok” being played him breaking out with a cigarette of something other than rolled tobacco.

it always made me laugh.

and shake my head. 

but i did miss him and im glad i got to see them again. hopefully one day when they decide to roll back into town ill be having Talia and chloe right next to me, i honestly cannot wait to take her to her first RUSH concert.

now to enjoy the weekend and get ready to see atmosphere this monday!


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