is pizza good after being out overnight?

is old pizza left out over night still good?

we ate NYPD last night and i left out the pizza accidently and it looks so good. but im not to sure if it stays. i also have to drop of film today, hopefully i can make it over there i have like 10 rolls of b&w film to drop off…

i dread the scanning to be honest. 

im watching this ask this old house, and they are doing a dedication to Joe Ferrante i saw the episode after he passed away. it was sad. 

i always think its awesome to be doing work like that building, plumbing, tiling, being a mechanic. it makes you feel like your actually doing work.

i always tell Talia i would give up doing art to have a real trade, i am so not mechanically inclined. i always envy those guys and ladies that can actually do things with there hands. hell even Angie can do some awesome stuff. if i needed to do something and Talia wasn’t there i would call Angie. they are my go to girls for home maintenance. 

i went ahead and ate the pizza. hopefully it will be cool i don’t see no reason why it wouldn’t be. also the girls are up, chloe ate breakfast, went poopee and now playing on the floor. Talia is getting ready for the day. 

on a side note i need to change my blade in my razor. it’s not sharp no more. it has started to have that cheese grater effect on my face. i usually only use the actual blade 3 times but i forgot to change it and now my face hurts. well i learned my lesson.

well on to the camera store and then who knows. i hope everything else works itself out. but im not going to let those things bother me.

i hope this finds you all well.





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