im sitting here on the couch typing this out, as chloe plays on the ground. im supposed to go to the camera store and pick up my rolls of film i have there. i believe i have like 10 rolls there. hopefully i can get there today. Talia also picked up the yashica yesterday its finally back at home with me. yay Talia. she is such a wonderful girl. 

i need to run some film in there i miss that camera. 

also tonight me and talia  are supposed to go see “the police” Talia has this thing for “sting”. or as i call him “stung”… it aint a attraction i think its just that she thinks he is cool. 

man for the last couple of days i have been listening to radioheads Kid A album i forgot how awesome this piece of music is. alot of awesome tracks on it. 

well i guess thats it for now. just thought i would throw up a update…

man its a beautiful day nice and crisp outside who would have thought it would be this nice in May in Arizona…just the other day it was 110 or for you Celsius users 43… man i cant get over how the weather is. 

man im hungry too i could go for the village inn…



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