rock and roll, fires and explosions…

last night was pretty crazy, the night started with me and talia going to see the police and Elvis Costello. so i have a complaint about this concert, alright so is it me i mean its Elvis Costello, yeah the police are cool but man there was no one dancing or singing or anything when elvis was one. and the sound sucked for Elvis. it felt as if phoenix didnt really care about him, even when the police came on there wasnt alot of people singing or really looking like they were having fun. except for the girl beside me singing every song…

she was cool. 

when isnt she singing a song. 

it just looked like the crowd was tired or something. but we had fun so i guess thats all that counts. 


well on the way home im falling asleep, talia is driving and then i hear her say “what’s going on?” i awake and see plummets of smoke coming from down the road on ray road. i say to talia lets go see, so we get closer and there is a huge fire at this TGI FRIDAYS we end up parking and i have my camera and a extra roll of film.. see thats why you should always carry your camera. well i went through a whole roll and a half just shooting. so those will be up sometime in the future. 

we stayed for like a hour and a half just watching it burn honestly it was pretty exciting. 

after that it was a trip to dennys for some late night dinner. 

then we get home and sleep and are awaken at like 3:40 in the morning to a loud explosion it set off car alarms and woke up the whole building. honestly it was pretty crazy. we heard people running around outside and yelling. it was crazy i threw on my pants and went outside the neighbor girl that always has crap happen to her she tells me everything is ok and to go back inside, i notice it is smokey and smells like sulfur from a firework  i ask her what happened?

she tells me her ex boyfriend is bothering her and causing drama for her. im thinking he set off a huge firecracker or something. anyways she says she just wants him to leave her alone and starts crying i tell her im sorry and her current boyfriend comes outside and gets her i go back in and tell talia what happened and go to sleep. 

honestly it was pretty intense, i thought i was going to have to join in some mass hysteria, i thought there was going to be some rioting in the streets…

and i dont even have a bat or a gun… somethings to ponder i guess… kidding talia…

about the gun anyways

all in all a pretty interesting evening. concert, fire and explosions… who could ask for more…

well im about to go eat something

so see you all later…

hope the weather is all treating you good…

its sunny and 84 degress here in chandler…


perfect for a strongbow. 



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