5 Years of Marriage

Its been 5 years, sometimes it doesnt feel that long, it feels like only yesterday we were going out with only 20 dollars in my pocket and a tank full of gas, the girl sitting in my hot car where the AC did not work properly you had keep pressing the AC button for it to work. 

But she still chose to sit beside me and love me for what i was. she still continues to love me to this day. even through my stupidity sometimes rears its ugly head. she still holds me and smiles at me. she is my friend, and has been for many years. 

these five years just have been a amazing time, this girl has given me a daughter, given me her trust, and love. who can ask for anything more?

Talia, sweetie, my heart, lovie, my girl, my heart, my muse, my everything, 


i love you talia with all my heart…

here is to 5 years and many many many many more………………………………………………



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