sitting at Volkswagen

so im sitting here in east phoenix waiting for the car, it hasnt been starting up as it should and yesterday it wouldnt turn over the car just clicked. and then finally started. so i think its the battery, at least i hope so. also getting a oil change, and having some other crap done on this car, little things here and there. 

so i sit here working on the report as well as typing this thing out. 

but other than that life is fine i had such a awesome time this weekend with talia and chloe. we actually had the chance to go to the theatre and watch a movie it was really fun and cool to hang out with her. we saw the new indiana jones movie i really enjoyed it, it was fun and made me laugh in alot of places. we also went and rented some movies for the evening. we rented juno so we finally saw that, its funny we wanted to see that movie even before it came out in the movie theatre, we were trying to look for it when it was still unheard of, we also watched 27 dresses which wasn’t that bad.

so that was our weekend, a fun filled weekend, it was a good 5th year anniversary. ohh i forgot to tell about the cake, Talia’s mom bought us a cake a 2 tier cake we finally ate some of it last night it was a whipped cream banana filled cake. ill have to post some photos when i get the chance. 

side note: i just met a guy on a rode trip to seattle he started out in dallas…i think thats what he said. and a lady is sitting across from me reading her book. and to my left is a father and his toddler son, he looks to be at least 2. he is really well behaved. he sounds like chloe, he keeps saying huh? after every little thing. the ladys phone is ringing. 

man im hungry… i wish i had enough money to go to the dennys down the road. i could go for some eggs, hash browns, and some coffee…

they do have free soda here and sometimes they have free popcorn. there doesn’t seem to be anything appetizing in the snack machine. doritios, candy, cheez it’s, stuff like that.   

man i just remembered i forgot my lunch at home. well i guess its better i would have no place to keep it. 

well i guess i should end this post i dont want it turning into a huge ol’ post of nothing. 


hope this email finds you and your car working well…

man im seriously hungry….



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