sometimes you just need to chill

like tonight, for instance. i went in at 8 this morning my time clock said 8:01 i worked till 8:35… a 10 hour day not to bad, i almost made up my hours from yesterday. i arrived at work at like 3 so almost there… i was on a roll so i was working on my report, i think i was away from my screen today for a total of 30 minutes, i went for like a 5 minute walk and and went through a drive through for food.

so im home now sitting in front of another screen typing this from the couch. at least i have Talia here, a cold Guinness and Veronica Mars on tv. 

Veronica Mars?

dont ask…

anyways im working on this report again trying to come up with some nice colors to use. im not to sure im really pleased with the way it it looking, i wish i could change some stuff and make it look cleaner but what can you do sometimes you just need to go forward with it. 

man i have this track im looking for, i cant remember the artist. i think the title was zacado or something like that. man i love that track, but need to find it. 

but other than that life is good…





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