Nina Simone

so i knew who Nina Simone was but really never thought about and put 2 and 2 together. she was a piano player, and was most famous for the song “ill put a spell on you” , this woman has such a history.

anyways so me being me i started doing some listening and fell in love with this womans voice…

i think the first track of hers i listenend to was sinnerman there is just so much feeling in this song its unbelievable. i closed my eyes and just listened, its amazing. 

first thing i do this weekend is picking a cd of hers up…

i just need more of that voice…


so im sitting here listneing to some of her music online and one track i dloaded from itunes…

i really need to start packing we need to be out of here on the 15 not to far away to pack out stuff up and be out of this apartment. 

its weird

changed tracks (deftones covering simple man) i really want to hear around the fur.

anyways i was saying its really weird. that we are moving after all these years its funny in other states and other cities its normal to live in a apartment for years. but here in arizona its usually a transitional place. when people ask us ow long we have lived here and we tell them they are like wow that is so long…

we have spent 5 years, 5 years in this one bedroom apartment, i carried talia through the door when we were married, it was our first home, it has all we have known for this years. we started our lives here, me and talia, now chloe.  i know we are only moving just down a couple of apartments but honestly its weird thinking that we wont be here no more…

having to get to know different people. having to pack and unpack our belongings. its just kinda sad in a way.

but at the same time im glad we are moving we have just outgrown this place and its time to move on.

its better for us and im sure in the end i will feel okay about it.

i look around and notice all this crap im going to have to pack….

 man i have alot of work ahead of me….



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