bike lane lunatics

so one night me Talia and Angie were saying we should make a bike gang since we ride together. we are not sure on the reqirements of our gang or a name we have a couple floating around. 

we had:

“bike lane lunatics” abbreviated “B . L . L”

“Bike Lane Mafia”  abbreviated “B . L . M” this one sounds weird abbreviated so we didn’t choose it it made us think of bowl movements. 

” Ride Around Renegades” abbreviated R . A . R

” bike Lane Terrors” abbreviated “B . L . T” i like this one but it makes me think of a blt sandwich. 

those were the names going through our heads.

you ask what’s our gang all about? well we basically just want to ride, and we also think its cool to have a gang. 

here is some text i was playing with…

check it…

im going to make us a logo and maybe a myspace page or something. maybe even a tshirt and stickers too.. dopeness…

ill keep you updated…