true love waits

sitting here at the kitchen table using the laptop again, i must say im really in love with this machine, it has programs so i bring it home to work on junk i have laying around. i honestly believe that my next computer purchase is going to be a laptop, i love being able to take it every where with me. and then ill be able to plug it into my monitor and work from there. 

its cool…

in other news i was looking at azcentral today and they were reporting that gas has hit 4.00 a gallon here in arizona. thats insane, but it kinda makes it cool i see so many people riding bikes these last couple of weeks… even in this hot weather. it would be really nice expecially if it was cooler out there. well ill be joining them again in a couple of more weeks as i will be riding again. new tires willbe ordered for the raleigh, so im excited. ill be riding faster and lighter…

my neighbors are running around upstairs… they are loud… im tired of living below them… i dont mind when they are noisy but they are doing there daily choirs right now, it is 10:19 and they barely came home and started cleaning. i hate that, you can here them running around and playing… its annoying. well at least they are our problem for only a week more, then we are out. hopefully the people that move here next will be nice like us and not complain. 

chloe is crying again… she will fall back asleep in a bit. 

kmart is selling sweat pants that say ” true love waits”, to tell other kids that they are abstinent. but they have it rolling across the butt of the girls… thats just weird, they are trying to tell kids its ok to not have sex but the girls have “true love waits” across there booty… how does that help when a guy is staring at a girls butt? i mean i understand what they are trying to do, but across a butt?

thats just weird to me. 

so me and talia were watching tv and we saw a mcdonalds commercial where kids are running around with some pop and french fries… so i decided to go get some just now… sad how marketing gets you. 

but the marketing worked. 

now we are watching susie orman on channel 8. she has alot of information. 

this blog is turning into a blog of nothing again i should end it. 

alright im ending this…

going to bed im tired…



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