Im Back

It seems like a while since i have actually posted here. i have been neglecting to do anything computer related. I just have been tired as of late and honestly do not feel like sitting in this kid chair for long periods of time as my neck begins to hurt. 

the move just about killed us, we love the apartment and are just trying to get everything organized its hard moving to a new place after we have been at the the old apartment for so long. we kinda forgot how to move. how to pack everything and how much work it was. well honestly it was mostly the heat that killed us. it was way to hot to do anything. 

but life is trudging along, work has slowed down some. but now comes the time where we start working on stuff we didn’t get a chance to. so we try and play catch up.

i also have gotten the 3 speed running and have ridden it a couple of times to work and have really enjoyed the ride.

in other news last night i watched wall e after waiting almost a year to see it… i also have been listening to the new sigur ros album…and love love love it… and i found out last week they are coming to town in september i am so freking excited…i cannot wait for this show its going to be amazing.

well i need to go to the bike shop so ill write a review about wall e later and the new sigur ros cd…


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