past events.

Today im tired, trying to finish a design for a logo.

Man this day seems so long. I don’t know its almost over, so it is probably getting there.

I have been wanting to write something out but honestly have been neglecting my blog. Not that it matters, but I should at least type something there. I always look forward to posts in other peoples blogs. But then again I dont think to many people visit here, just the occasional person cruising on through.

Well I did have a awesome idea concerning the blog and my journal, well this weekend was spent mostly with my mom sister and nephew, and my mom has been giving me stuff from my childhood. And she gave me my journal from when i was 9 years old, I remember the thing, I had to keep one in elementary school we used to have to write in it everyday. It was just paper in a folder, I remember mine was either purple or blue, pretty sure it was blue. We had to write at least one entry a day. This probably explains why I have always had a journal and now a blog. I knew my mom had the journal but never really thought about it until she gave it to me.  Well she gives it to me and the thing is filled with pages of just entries.. me and Talia read it on the way home from my moms and we still had a lot to read, its about a 15-20 minute trip from my moms so you can imagine how many entries there are. So this has been our reading for the last couple of nights. i find it funny to go back through these entries and see what was on my mind, what i was thinking and what i felt. its interesting

Well I was thinking and had the bright idea to scan in pages from the journal and post them to the blog and show a entry a week or whenever i feel like it, So you can see what kind of nerd I was and how I was stricken with the Nintendo bug that all kids had in 1989. Honestly it seems all I talked about was Nintendo games and baseball

That’s the goal anyways so im going to try and upload one a week or when I feel like it I want to spread it out over time, Talia thought it was a awesome idea. I think its pretty fun, you can read funny little stories and see my penmanship improve over time

Also I should be having photos in a couple of days and maybe a better entry, these past entries have been so scattered

Till then