10:15 and im eating a hot dog and drinking a cherry pepsi…

its no the most nutritious breakfast. but i was hungry. so yesterday was monday and i forgot to upload the journal entry last night. what a loser already forgetting about it. tonight i will upload it. things are moving along as they always are. its hot and humid here in the desert. i have been living here in this desert for 28 years and im tired of it…

im honestly tired of the heat.

i dont know maybe its the heat getting to me and making me lazy. or maybe im just tired in general. i dont know honestly. i dont know.

i see alot of my friends have moved on from here. and are doing awesome things with there lives. i guess from some point i envy them. mostly from the standpoint that they are doing things, im proud of them, i wouldnt give anything up that i have, my wife or my daughter. i just want to do more i suppose. and i want talia and chloe right beside me. 

talia supports me through everything i do. she is awesome and amazing. 

i dont know maybe im rambling again. 

who knows what goes through my mind most of the time.


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