lofi wickedness

i dont know if that makes sense. the lofi wickedness…



if you havent looked to your right and seen the new link to moominstuff you should take a look. he takes photos using toy cameras Holga’s, Diana’s and Fujipet, cameras pretty much any crappy camera he can get his hands on.

he takes unbelievable photos using outdated film, his polaroid shots are jawdropping…

ive been living in arizona for 28 years and haven’t seen most of the stuff he has seen. he drives around in this crazy hell we call arizona while documenting his journeys…

take a look if you get the chance you wont be disappointed.

only thing bad about him is i think he hates RUSH…

here is his blog http://moominsean.blogspot.com/

and a link to his flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/sjrohde/


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