shooting around…

here is some stuff i have done mostly just shooting around, trying to use digital for he fun of it. 

digitl is weird it gives you weird shaped photos the ratio is weird…


on my way home from work, i stopped and took these.

black and white version, i like this one. 

and a view from the apartment, this is what we see from our patio. i was trying long exposure shots. this was like a 30 second exposure. i think it turned out rad i should print this on 11×17… i tried to print this from our plotter and it looked pretty good im sure it would be awesome on photo paper. 

only thing this thing has noise in it. i was going to try and clean it up, ill probally do that later. but noise is awful its all about grain. 

this was at lunch today he was content reading his paper ignoring everyone around him. just enjoying his lunch and the paper…

and just random cloud formations i liked, it was hot and bright the clouds were flowing. 


ok thats it im off to bed…




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