bike riding adventures

So last night talia and chloe went to spend the night at family friends house, so I was home alone ordered a pizza and sat around and watched tv.

Well about 9:15 I decided to go for a bike ride I notice on the news that it is raining out in Scottsdale and on the north side of phoenix. I look outside and nothing not one drop, only a breeze. 

So I say to myself lets ride! Just like a bike lane lunatic would say. Well I make it about 2 miles from my apartment when I notice a small drop on my arm and then another, I say uh oh I better get back then it starts to rain a little, then harder and harder, to the point that im soaked, even my shoes are filled with water.  And the raindrops are hurting my face and I can’t see the road in front of me I had to stop under a tree to get some shade from the rain.

Honestly it was pretty fun and scary at the same time. So I went home changed and dryed off and watched the news and them talking about the rain and how hard it was coming down.

Yay for me.

But in reality it was fun I have never rode in the rain before, so it was kinda fun. But I felt sorry for my bike I always feel bad when I run my bike though the water.

Other than not being able to sleep good because of that empty spot in my bed well actually it wasn’t empty the cat slept in talia’s spot.

I woke up at 6 this morning got ready since talia had the car. I was going to have to ride the bike. Well since it rained last night I knew it was going to be hot and muggy. So I got ready emptied trash, went and got some water, and then packed my stuff up. And then rounded up a buck 25.

 For what?

Well I have wanted to try the bus route for days exactly like this. Days when I just don’t feel like riding in the heat. Well I have looked over the maps the last couple of days and had it planned out where I need to go and what line I need to get on. Well I rode the mile to the bus stop, its actually at the chandler mall which is cool, got there at 7:00 and waited for the bus to come. I put my bike on the rack which is a
experience in itself thanx to the guy for helping me out I honestly thought that it was going to fall off, I was scared the entire time, i thought i would feel a 1 ton bus rolling over my bike and slamming on the breaks and it being to late… but alas that didn’t happen. 

And then when I went and got in I was trying to ask the bus driver some questions he didn’t seem to positive to me he would just say yes and nod his head I don’t know maybe he didn’t have his coffee that morning. Well I rode it all the way up tlll the stop before kyrene, I didn’t know that I could have got off on kyrene so I rode a bit not that I minded next time I know. But I thought it was funny I got my bike off and apparently if you are the last person to take out there bike you have to raise the bike rack not knowing this I made the mistake of taking of my bike and not raising it, and having the bus driver honk at me and give me directions through the glass to raise it up. Honestly I had no idea what I was doing but I figured it out eventually then I rode in the rest of the way to work, which is about a mile.

But I figured it out I really didn’t save to much time maybe a couple of minutes, I can see riding in on most days but on other days I don’t feel like it I can do this instead at least I know the option is there.
But on the plus side I didn’t come in all sweaty and sticky, I still did a tiny bit but not as much.

Well that was my experience on riding the bus and getting caught in the rain on my bike

thats all from me today…
Hope your days is happy and fun


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