wow one year!

i just noticed i moved to this new location a year ago…

im happy with this blog, im happy i have kept i going for so long. So far its been good to me… its funny i started this as a place for people to know what is going on with me im still not sure people look here i get the occasional person saying hello, which im always happy to see. but i think this blog has been a great success… sometimes i wish i had more to post more art more images stuff like that but sometimes it just doesnt come. 

you have seen me, my life, my family all kinds of other stuff in my life. i dont lead the most crazy life or the most interesting im just a normal guy who likes to design stuff and take photos and spend time with my family. most of the time i end up spending time at home, which is usually how my weekends go. but i think some people just like reading about things that im feeling or just reading what i have to say about a certain subject. anyways, im glad that you have been along for the ride even though my grammar and spelling sometimes is so off… 

now its time for me to go to sleep. 

i got work in the morning, and talia is already asleep on the couch. 


thanx for the reading and comments… and if you have time lets have a cup of coffee sometime. 



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