so i almost died…

then i laughed in deaths face…

well i actually rode my bike into work today, and well it was a fine ride this morning though i have some mechanical issues i need to work out. i think my bottom bracket is messing up, i got this weird hick-up when i pedal, at first i thought it was just a pedal sticking but now im not sure. 

anyways well on my ride home today i think i was pushing my body a little to much trying to make it home i was in my third gear pushing hard and trying to get some speed going, well the last quarter of the way home i feel the headache and the lightness, i say to myself ok you need to chill or your going to get heat stroke. well i feel it coming on stronger my breathing is getting shallow and i make it around the last corner which is about a mile from the apartment, and i realize that its hitting hard my head is hot and i stopped sweating at this point. 

i come into the apartment complex and i can barely get to the end of the complex, and what’s even worse when i jump off my bike, i feel my heart beat in my head and my eyes feel like they are pulsating with my heart, and i start to see those awesome white spots. i put my head down on my seat and say to myself ohh man…

then i grab my bike and carry it up the stairs and walk inside and tell talia to grab chloe incase i fall over, at this point i feel the cold air hit my face and i see some more spots, i set my bike outside and talia is trying to talk to me as i walk around wearily, she asks are you ok? i say no, i strip and jump in the shower and sit down with cold water blasting over my body, she comes in asking did you get heat stroke, i say yep and then as i sit there i cant help but say wow that was intense and laugh out loud.

i sat in there for 10 minutes trying to cool down, my face even after sitting there for that time still was hot and warm to the touch. i haven’t felt that sick since i was back in college, i rode my skateboard home in 115 degree heat.

i honestly thought it was like 105 today but i just saw the news it was 110… man it was kinda hot…

honestly it reminded me of how as Pima’s we get told stories of the young men running to the ocean around the baja of mexico and how they would run so fast and hard that they would succumb to heat and exhaustion almost on the verge of death they would in this daze have visions when they reached the ocean they would collect shell and sand from the ocean, this was the trip that defined you as a man…

not that im that hard or that crazy or manly, and no i didn’t see no vision’s,

but man wow it was pretty intense…


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