bike riding in washington

a nice article i came across in the washington post on bike riding…

i just wish it was that nice here to ride to work. its just to damn hot for me especially after the heat stroke the other day…

bike riding in washington


2 thoughts on “bike riding in washington

  1. It is not nearly as hot here as it must be where you are. I can’t imagine moving faster than a stroll in that heat. I recently underestimated the heat and did a long errand run on my bike in the middle of the day. Not the smartest thing I’ve ever done.

  2. yeah it gets pretty hot here when i got heat stroke the other day it was 110. But i have ridden home when it was 115…

    what i don’t get though is the people that ride around in the 115 degree heat all the time…its just insane…

    my trip from work is only 7 miles, i guess im just weak.

    and thanx for following the blog!

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