everythings burning here in arizona

no i didnt forget about this blog, ive been lazy and to busy to post. but i finally got some film back from the lab after forgetting to pick it up. these shot are mostly from the night when me and talia were coming home from “The Police” concert. 

i posted this on my uber account so ill use the text i posted there… i hope you enjoy. 



So I finally got film back from the lab, and honestly im kind of disappointed with myself, why? Because it has taken me so long to get my film and then scan them in. plus I don’t think I have taken anything worth showing.

Me and my Talia were on our way home from seeing The Police and Elvis Costello, the show wasn’t one of the best to be honest, the people did not give Elvis Costello the respect he deserved they just sat and clapped… no dancing or anything what the hell is wrong with that. its fucking Elvis Costello… im a fan of The Police but honestly I was not impressed, they just seemed to be going through the actions, trying to make there songs dramatic sounding… I think they just need to retire and not do a reunion tour again.


Anyways the images well we were on our way home from the concert and as we are driving on the freeway we notice this big plume of grey smoke in the air, my wife asks what is that I say lets go check it out. So we drive by and it is a “Fridays” restaurant engulfed in flames. This thing is shooting flames and getting out of control, I guess it was a grease fire that started about 8:45 that evening and was still going till we got there which was about 12:30 that morning…


Honestly it was pretty fun, people were sitting along the streets watching and even the fire fighters, and they had about 5 agencies trying to help put it out… it was something to watch on a otherwise hot and boring summer night.


I tried to catch some shots with my canonet, honestly I think I need a new camera I keep getting overlapping frames, and weird negatives. I used 400 hp5 I believe. shooting at 1/30 of a second. 









apparently chloe wanted to get in on this post… she typed the previous letters above.

well finally finishing this blog, its been sitting in my drafts since the other day. 

well i found out the other day i was on the front page of uber, it was a link to my blog about my street photographs. i was pretty stoked.


well i should finish this thing. 

this guy was trying to play that whole im a fire fighter bit. people were trying to ask him questions about the fire but all he kept doing was giving attention to this lady. i thought it was pretty funny. 


here is the place actually on fire. 

this thing was pretty huge, there was the smell of plastic, grease and who else knows in the air. i know me and talia reeked of smoke after we left. 



this is my favorite from the roll, to bad my camera decided to overlap frames. i was trying to get as close as i could without getting in everyones way. my shoes were filled with water at this point, it was crazy cause there was so much water everywhere the streets were filled with water. water was filling everything up. 


we all know how it is here in arizona during the summer everything burns, we burn from the sun, fields burn, and then we see the occasional car or truck on fire like this one… i was sitting in the back of our work truck going out into the field and saw this. this was my one and only frame. 


and more fire trucks on the hot AZ nights. more fire? a accident? who knows.

all i know is the heat makes everyone crazy in the summer months. 


one way to get out of the heat is to go to a brewery and enjoy a nice couple of glasses with friends. but the only bad thing is you end up making self portraits in the mirror. 


and if your unlucky you end up like this guy, drunk and driving home only to be pulled over by the police. should have called a taxi, and saved themselves a headache. ohh well better luck next time. 


well thats it from me for right now, i might go back through the other frames and see if there is anything worth uploading sorry it took so long for me to get this out…

and thanx for hanging around. 



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