more leftovers

so i was going through more stuff and found these…

i just decided to make another post. 


here is a shot from my trip to florida, for some odd reason i thought i uploaded this, i remember scanning it in but i guess i didnt upload it or anything.

im in love with this shot, for whatever reason, we were walking on the upper level of the pier and i looked down and saw them. i liked how they were all sitting there talking, so i snagged a photo. 


we had taken a side trip to the hard rock casino, or hotel i don’t remember, anyways the girls wanted to go there i just jumped in for the ride. though i did manage to get this frame, i thought security was going to stop me but they didn’t. i did lose 5 bucks too. 

they don’t let you take photos here on the reservation casino for whatever reason.

 i really do like this frame. 


all alone in the waiting area, waiting for a flight, tired of flying who knows i just remember him being all solitary. 


i took this the other day, i thought i would include it. me and my coworker were on our way to a meeting. we were stopping to get something to eat. i saw this couple, kissing and hugging, its a little blurry, my window didn’t roll down until the last second and we were going over speed bumps at the time. 

i need to add a black frame around it… it just seems to go all over the place with a white background. 


talia at denny’s eating lunch with friends or breakfast i cant remember. i like this cheap film from frys, sometimes it gives me awesome results other times it sucks, it just depends on the camera and light. 

i remember i thought she looked beautiful that day, she always looks wonderful, but today she was just glowing. so simply elegant in her own way. 


ok this is one of those frames that just rocks, the camera the light, it all works out and gives me frames like this. i used the electro GSN, and that cheap frys ferrania solaris 200 speed film. 

i love this frame of the cat. i love this kitchen window. it gives beautiful shadows during the evening.


chloe waving. the red blanket makes her hair kinda weird but this frame makes me smile. she is so beautiful. she was happy this evening. she was walking all over the place talking to me. 


well thats it from me or until i find some more leftover frames from my rolls. ive been playing with the work digital for a couple days so i might have some stuff to show who knows…

well i hope this finds you well and having a good weekend…

keep it real people!



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