ive been playing with works digital camera. its a olympus e-500 camera is ok works alright in the day time, but night shots are pretty impossible. 


these are just random shots i have been making. hope you enjoy. 


here is reese looking out the window of the car on the way home from school. i always wondered what he looked like while he sat in the back seat. i can not remember what it was like to be that small and gazing out at the world. one of my favorite shots of him. 


another one of him…

he is always so serious. 


and one of chloe. 

all ready to go for a ride. man we always have kids in the back seat these days… all part of becoming a parent i suppose.


and lastly a shot of a woman eating lunch and reading. i really like this shot, its nice seeing someone escaping the real world and getting lost in a book. the place was so busy and loud people talking orders being taken, people eating. the world moving around expect for a woman and a book. 



the only post processing i did to these were brightness and contrast adjustments in photoshop and also the black border… well hope you enjoyed some photos…


hope you all have a good week. 




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