where i have been and where im going.

so i havent written really anything recently just posting pictures, which i hope that you are looking at. and enjoying. 

i so wanted to see her tonight. sera cahoone i fell in love with her music while looking for something to listen to on my NPR podcast feed. as i told her its hard to get out when you have a 16 month year old who’s bed time is 8:30…

well things are fine as always. im trying to prepare for a weekend trip to mexico on the 3rd of october. im pretty excited i will be heading down to Magdelena de kino. its about 80 kilometers outside of nogalas. im going to go with my mom, brother, sister.  im not catholic but  thought it would be a awesome oppurtunity to go and take some photos. im pretty excited, and looking forward to shooting alot of film.  

people take a pilgrimage to Magdelena to pay homage to Father kino, these people come from all over the US as well as from here in arizona. Father kino died in magdelena so it is something special to make the trek and see father kino’s remains. 


i hope that i come back with some awesome photos. ill be sure to keep you updated on the trip and the photos. i need to get my tribal id and a copy of my birth certificate and maybe a translation book or something. but im excited…well i just thought i would give you all a update…


here some family stuff i was messing with… we went to dinner at my moms while we were down there for voting and to see talia’s aunt who is going to be passing away soon. it was a good night to be with my family and have dinner. we all were tired from the day but the kids kept us going with there laughter and just there craziness. 

here is stuart messing around. i really like these photos of him, showing a side people rarely see. being a clown just like when he was a kid. 



reese again…tired of him yet?



stuarts one and only. 


both of them, its funny they are exactly alike. 

and the kids. 


alright thats it from me for now.. hope you all are well. 

and on a side note i love the new metallica cd. 



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