Sigur Ros

 i first started listening to sigur ros maybe a couple of years ago, im not to sure when. i remember just hearing one of there songs and saying i need to find out who this is. Then after that i was addicted to the music. i remember buying Takk… and listening to it over and over again. getting lost in the beauty and chaos. 

in a past blog i told you i bought tickets for me and talia.  well after waiting for like 3 or 4 months i finally had the chance to see them,  i’m sure i am not the only one who has a list circulating in there head of bands they would like to see before they die, so they can say to themselves “my life is complete i can die in peace”. i don’t have a huge list but sometimes the bands on the list seem like they wont happen anytime soon.  led zeppelin, radiohead, u2, and sigur ros topped my list. so for me to actually see them was a experience. some people might say sigur ros what’s so special about them? this band is one of those bands that really makes me feel it in my heart, at times they make me cry and happy, there is so much heart put into this music that at times its hard to describe. like i said beauty and chaos. a constant flow of emotions. i hear the strings, the drums, guitar and voice creating the music, and it always moves me it always makes me have some kind of emotion. i guess for me thats what makes it so incredible. so basic but so much more. when you actually sit down and listen. some people cant get into it but to me its right there, there isn’t no way you can not be moved. i honestly have to say it was one of the best shows i have seen.


i stood there watching and loving every second of it. not wanting it to end. watching them play and putting there all into the music they were making at that moment, i know they perform those songs over and over again but for me and im sure others it seemed like it was just for us.


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