Tour de Fat 08

about 2 weekends ago me and some of the girls attended the Tour de fat, i started to type this awhile ago but never got to finish it. sad to say there will be no fotos as i forgot my camera in my bag. sad i know. 


saturday morning i woke up took a shower got ready looking to start the day with some Tour de Fat!

text message from angie telling me she has a flat tire might not go… 

talia tells me she isnt going to go she doesnt feel so good. 

I get kinda sad thinking im going to miss a awesome day riding and hanging out with cool bike people. as well as having a couple of drinks with good friends. talia tells me just to go and go ride for her. so i pump up the raleighs tires and load the bike up, stop at the bike shop pick up a patch kit and tire levers and head over to mikis place. so i get there and the girls are already pumping up tires and getting ready to go, its a bit chilly but a awesome day for bikes and some drinks. we cut through some traffic dodging cars and riding to tempe park down a nice quite back road. It was such a beautiful perfect day to ride our bikes. we stopped at the bank for some cash and saw all kinds of people on there bikes from fixies to cruisers to mountain bikes. all types,  it was a bike invasion. we arrived at the event about 10:30 11ish. and got our braclets for drinks bought some tokens and waited in line by 11:30 the drinks were flowing and everyone was having a great time standing next to there bikes as well as just walking around talking and just having fun. we saw some shows, saw some awesome people dressed in costume. i wish we could have rode in the parade. but alas we were to late. 

so after hanging around and looking at some dope bikes we decided to go for a bike ride we rode the tempe beach park route to scottsdale road and turned around and rode back the wind was so crazy it was pushing us hard, there is no thing that i hate more than riding against the wind. i hate it. but we kept pushing and pushing until we really couldn’t go no more, and i felt like throwing up. there is nothing like riding until you throw up for some odd reason it makes you feel like you actually pushed yourself. so we went back to the party and sat around bought a tshirt, and got some water for the ride home. 

honestly it was such a awesome day for bike riding and hanging out with friends i wish all of us could have made it out but im sure we will be more prepared for next year.

and maybe you should join us next year too!

keep it real and ride your bike!


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