riding to work

im riding again, trying to get back into riding my bike to work. its been nice but a little tiring. its one of those things i love, but at the same time hate.  it feels nice to ride but the place you are going to is no fun. just when you get into the ride its time to end and go to your desk. im realizing im still needing to upgrade some parts on my bike, i really need a new seat as well as new pedals. the pedals are flat so my feet tend to slide forward, and the platic vinyl seat the bike came with is uncomfortable and i think i told you before the seat has decided to look limp in the front, for whatever reason. i don’t tend to sit forward.  

so its time for something different.

so today i took a different route to see what would happen, the traffic was of course worse since it is a main road, but for whatever reason i did get there faster even went to starbucks and got to sit down for some coffee. i thought it was pretty cool, but it came with a price it seems, and not just the 5 bucks it cost for coffee, but as i was riding in ther came a point in the road where the bike lane sidewalk were closed. i noticed there wasn’t so much going on with the sidewalk so i jumped on and started riding i was ok until i had to go around a back-hoe and tried to get back on the sidewalk and the bike hit some gravel and took the bike out from underneath me. i wasnt hurt mostly just my pride. but honestly the ride was alright. im not to sure if i will take it everyday, since i have to put up with speeding cars. but it was a change of scenery. 

well thought i would give a update of what’s been going on here. so far this month about 80 some miles… not to bad but i could do alot more. 

haven’t been taking pictures as of late. which i think is kinda sad. need to get back into it. 

but here is something i saw today!

awesome photography. pics of obama

not that im a supporter, and im not a mccain supporter either. im not going to tell who i vote for, the only person that will know is me, my wife and God!


ok one frame i had. from my trip to the Thono O’odham lands. 

well actually it was from the trip back. we had to stop for a bathroom break, the only person there was a guy watching tv in the bay. and the vibe there felt like one of those stations that when you stop your going to die by some axe or chain-saw wielding maniac. so we left in under 5 minutes time. 


One thought on “riding to work

  1. Creepy! I would really, really have to pee to stop there!

    When I read the tags for this post I my eyes blended the words, God rides a bike.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. And thank your wife for liking my socks. I think you need to learn how to knit so you could knit yourself a beanie, and some socks for her. 8^)

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