Side note: i almost lost this post, i copied i wrote it in the previous post and then decided it needed its own post. so i accidently copied another text and then realized i hadn’t posted it in a new one. but i was lucky and kept hitting back until it came back. thank goodness it was saved… on to the blog. 


this is John

i have seen john for a couple of years now. he lives close to where i work, under the overpass. i have seen him sleep, sit at the corner and even pushing his cart around the area. around the summer he seems to disappear until the winter rolls around.

as a street photographer i try to capture as much as i can. alot of people feel bad about photographing the homeless, that it is demeaning. i honestly dont feel that way, they are people with stories, sometimes not the best but i believe they need to be told and seen. take for instance the FSA photography program they did a job to record the depression and to show us what hardships the people were facing at that time. its a way of showing the hardship that some people are in. too often i think we take our lives for granted and we forget to appreciate the things we have. even im guilty of doing that. 

well to the story of our meeting, my boss is very adamant about giving to the homeless, she is always trying to educate those around her about the condition some of these people are in, sometimes they suffer from mental illnesses and just can not function in a day to day environment like you and me. i don’t know if john has any illness, all i know is he was a very kind and proud man, you could tell he has had hard times, but was happy to receive a helping hand. well my boss wanted us to take a bag of things to him, just some food and water we had around the office. so like usual we saw him sitting at the corner and he started to walk to a nearby gas station so we drove over i got out and talked to him, gave him the bag told him what was inside and shook his hand. and jumped back in the truck. me and my co worker were talking and we came up with 5 bucks we had, i jumped back out and grabbed the digital, as i talked to him and gave him the 5 bucks i asked him if it was ok to have a photograph.

he said sure i framed and shot.

i wish the sun wasn’t so harsh, and i wish i had a more shallow depth of field, but i love this photo non the less. his eyes and face hold so many stories. a proud and happy gentleman. check out the bigger view on my flickr. and i hope to see him again.


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