halloween 08


this halloween was actually pretty slow, its seemed that not alot of people were passing out candy, but im sure that the economy has something to do with that and the fact it fell on a friday. or it could have been the neighborhood who knows. all i know is it was fun, we had friends and family at the apartment, had some food and watched some zombie movies. i used works digital olympus 500e camera to shoot the night. i still have alot of pictures to go through and decide which i like. but here are some of them ill post the others when i get around to editing and uploading.

this is darrell and talia, i have known darrell for about 8 years, talia longer they are best friends and have known each other for years, sometimes it feels like forever. they went to preschool together Talia was kind enough to correct me and tell me they attended gradeschool together,  but still they didn’t know each other. well we were at the house hanging out.


walking around trick-or-treating. i thought it was funny how chloe was walking with us, following us… when she walks she reminds me of a peanuts charactor.


reese my nephew as freddy kruger… im not even sure this kid has seen a nightmare on elm street. he loves scary movies and horror but would not even venture across the street to go into the haunted house we usually  go into.


a front shot of chloe walking around. i like this foto.

some kid dressed up as the burger king for halloween… im not sure if it is just me but the king scares the crap out of me. i used to love burger king as a kid, but now not so much. its to weird and gross to me.


and some kid as chucky, i wanted his picture cause i knew it would look dope in B&W. he was kinda sad he didnt look scary to us, i said youll look awesome in B&W i showed him and he was pleased.


well thats it for now…

and i didnt take no election photos this year, but i did take pictures of family after we voted so those will come too… sooner or later. hope all is well in your part of the world…