fingers yazzie

i have to admit something about myself. 

im not to sure how many of my friends actually know this about me… but i feel this needs to be told. 

im one of those males incapable of putting a drill to a wall and mounting a shelf or being able to put things together without making a mistake. when it comes to things around the house talia is the one to do most things requiring a drill or hammer. for whatever reason i was born without this gene. i have no idea why, for instance when i tried to mount the book shelf, there are so many holes in the wall as of right now it looks like cheese, we put a picture in front of the holes so no one will notice and thank goodness the bookshelf is high so no one sees the holes in the wall. my father was a car mechanic, a very smart man, always working with his hands, you would think it would have passed to me, but when it comes to me doing things with my hands forget it… sure if you need a image extracted from a background, a logo, or a nice grid layout im the person to call.

the reason for this post is because of darrell… the darrell from the previous post, talia’s best friend, and my one and only guy friend i trust to take care of my family if anything ever happened to me. and the one guy friend i can call over to mount a shelf for me. i can see his future now growing old becoming the woodshop teacher in high school only thing instead of wearing those blue levi overalls he’ll be wearing levis and t-shirts, losing a couple of fingers in a saw and becoming “(insert number here) fingers yazzie”.

well for awhile now i have been wanting to put one of those ikea floating shelfs above my desk. i thought it would look cool and i could of course use it for cds, design books and other small things. well knowing i was lacking this handyman gene and being reminded of my last incident with a screwdriver and hammer i decided to call on darrell. he comes over and asks me how high do you want it i tell him i want it here and this high. he says ok. asks for a tape measure, a pencil and goes right to work breaking out with his awesome measuring skills and pencil skills he marks the center, and measures the height of the shelf and starts to make his marks. it takes him one try, to put this thing up. he only had to make three holes to put it up, one for the center and the sides. and to top it off he didnt even have a level to see if it was straight, he used a glass of water and a round wheel from chloe’s toys. and thats that.

so as i sit here and look above at this dope shelf mounted by darrell, and hearing talia remark, this looks so perfect there are no marks on the wall, no extra pencil marks, no extra holes just a nicely mounted shelf. i cant help but think.

thank you darrell. thank you for your awesome drilling skills and marking skills.

and thanx for being sober while you mounted it!

you truly are an awesome frined.


2 thoughts on “fingers yazzie

  1. From an email darrell sent me today in response to your post:

    “Funny, but I seriously doubt I will be come a shop teacher, although I did love shop and construction class. Maybe I’ll buy jimmy a drill for Christmas… umm on second thought maybe that’s not such a good idea”

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