Giving Thanks

you know i have never been one for holidays, for whatever reason they just seem to pass me buy. Its hard for me to get happy around this time, i just don’t care for the commercialism, peoples bad attitudes or the store lines, but since the birth of chloe things have started to change. i am ever so slightly trying to put a smile on my face and trying to undo the scrooge attitude that my family says i have. i must admit at times it is very difficult to let that attitude go, but im trying.

this year i did have fun, one of the first thanksgivings i can truly say i had alot of fun on. and was truly thankful for being with family. 

i even woke up looked for the macy’s day parade on the tube, even started to play christmas music. a charlie brown christmas, frank sinatra, and a muppet christmas play this time of the year nonstop around the jay apartment. then we ventured to talia’s moms house, early than we have ever been, i even tried new things. im not one for eating alot of things at thanksgiving usually for me its just turkey, mashed potatoes, a roll, and thats about it.  talia usually gets upset with me cause i don’t eat all the stuffing, yams, gravy, pecan or pumpkin pie. honestly dont ask why thats all i eat. i dont know myself. but i ate yams this year and gravy, so i was proud and so was talia. after the wonderful lunch there we hung around for a couple of hours.

then in the evening we went and had dinner at my moms which was just as great. we ate until we could eat no more. its always so nice to eat at my moms always so nice and small. just us having fun. then after dinner me stuart and reese went outside started playing with some fireworks we had laying around the house. bottle rockets, and fire crackers. there is nothing more fun than lighting 4 bottle rockets at a time holding the bottle in your hand and shooting them up in the air. the cold chill and fireworks.

good times 

afterwards it was time to go home and try to recover from the days event.  

not a bad day at all. 


but i hope that you all had a awesome thanksgiving got really full. and at least took a minute to really think about what you are grateful for.


One thought on “Giving Thanks

  1. Very brave of you to eat yams! I’m not fond of them, myself. My son eats nothing but turkey and sometimes brussel sprouts and/or carrots. You’re giving me hope that some day he may try other things on the Thanksgiving/Christmas table.

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