December 12 2009

ohh allergies are flaring up even more today left early yesterday cause I couldn’t look at the screen no more my eyes were killing me. Now today its even worse. Great. It always seems the allergies go right for my eyes all the time. Sitting here in front of a 23 inch monitor does not help at all. So im trying to just go with it…I feel better typing than actually trying to look at my work on screen.


Coffee is strong this morning too.


I tried not to make it to strong but it seems all I know is super strong coffee. Tar as I call it sometimes. Im sure those people in the other side don’t enjoy it though. They hate my coffee except for a select few. It is so much to ask for them to make a decent cup of coffee? Ill admit it im pretty spoiled about my coffee.


Here is the list of my coffee demands.

1. I don’t think that coffee should taste like water.

2. You should not be able to see through it.

3. Powder cream is not cream.

4. Sugar should only come from cream.

5. If you don’t have cream don’t stoop down to using sugar or powder. Drink it plain.

6. Iced coffee should be consumed during the summer. And on some occasions in the winter.

7. Hot coffee should not be drunk in the summer…whatsoever.


I think thats about it.

Im sure there are less important demands but for the mot part that’s about it.

Its actually tasting really good and doing its job. Something I can smile about.

Now to do some work.