day at the park

this weekend me and the girls took of to the park. the weather has been so nice,  the colors are amazing and its just so good to be outside. i have been playing with the yashica t4 zoom which i got on craigslist. i find the camera pretty fun to use, im still not sure if i like it i have shot some rolls of film through it but still cant decide if i like it.  i have also been using this cheap film that i bought at the dollar store and have been trying to find a film that i feel is decent with this camera. i was hoping to use my solaris ferrenia film but they have discontinued it. and i have also been resizing my photos with a 5×7 frame, and getting my film scanned to cd. i can see the different results from my scans and the stores scans i must say i am really enjoying the scans. well on to the photos. 


here is a picture of more trees and leaves. for some odd reason i really do like these shots like this. i don’t know why. the colors rock in this picture i think. 

this pic just looks awesome to me. 

chloe has started to swing and actually enjoy it. she was smiling and laughing the whole time. 

me and talia have learned we cannot swing across the monkey bars no more. and we are to tall too. 

she looks so adorable, i love love love her smile. 

she looked all snugly bundled up with her scarf on. i think i should be watching the road too.  

and finally me messing around. its cold and im still wearing shorts. and wearing my rush t shirt that has a pentagram on it.

on a side note doesnt the colors rock in the pics…


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