Just a update.

Hello all,

i though i should give some kind of update since this blog has rolled into the new year without any kind of updates. its not that im ignoring the blog, life just seems to be moving along in its same ol’ way. well except for Chloe and Talia, something is always happening with the 2. 

Well i’ve been sick for the last couple of days well since last Friday anyways, not the usual bronchitis it started with a sore throat but has since moved to my chest, coughing and sore lungs.

yay for me!

But i got plans for the weekend, we are taking a day trip out to vegas for the day. I’m pretty excited to take some snaps on foreign soil.  and yes im still going even if i am sick i got a bag full of meds and I’m ready to roll…

hoping all is well in you area…