Birthday Blog

Well finally getting around to posting something about my birthday.

Feb 1ST was the day sometime around 3 in the afternoon I was born.

For whatever reason I find it hard to celebrate my birthday, I always find I really want to have fun and enjoy it, but in the end I get pretty depressed about the whole thing. Not because im getting older or anything, but for the fact it makes me miss my father even more. I was his first-born and he would always make it a point to get a hold of me and talk to me and tell me about when I was born. My mom sometimes forgets and calls me a day or 2 later, I don’t hold it against her. She just forgets for whatever reason. She called me Sunday morning and wished me a happy birthday. So that made me happy she seems to pick up the slack my dad doesn’t do no more. I think its one of those it was my dads job so mom didn’t need to worry about it. Now things have changed.

So on my birthday I usually get pretty upset, as I have said before I still miss him but don’t try and let it bother me to the point that it turns my life upside down, I still have a job to do and I need to focus on those things. Well this year was no exception wanting to have fun turned to wallowing and being upset, not talking much and just trying to get past it without making to much of a deal.

But as always something happens to change it.
Thanx to incredible friends and family, people that love me they make it all enjoyable. Joyce and Angie ended up surprising me at home with balloons and some strongbow and cup cakes, it was the cup cakes that made me all excited. I love my cup cakes. And even taking me out to dinner and I got a cool huge root beer float cup! and rounding off the night with wii at darrells place. And getting tile marks imprinted on my face. And getting whataurger for some early morning fare.

later in the afternoon we went to watch the superbowl with other friends. With them singing happy birthday to me and eating a cake with bicycles drawn on it by talia and darrell. I think that was the best thing ever honestly just being with people that love and care for me really made it a awesome day.

thank you everyone for caring so much, being amazing kind people… you all rock.


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