fear and loathing in las vegas… james’s version.

that was what i watched to prepare for the trip to the wonderful city of sin.  Though my trip didn’t end up the same way.  As you may have known i was sick the week up to the trip, had a sore throat and coughing like crazy, it sucked.  I was even contemplating thinking about not going for that reason, but at the last moment i said what the hay and decided go ahead and forget what my lungs and throat were telling me what better way of getting rid of phlegm and a cold than a road trip.  I figured my medication and some whiskey would keep me going.

So we drove through the night, well Talia drove.  Speeding through the desert night at 100 miles a hour is quite fun. There where no officers to speak of so that made the trip more enjoyable. The only people on the road were the ones trying to get to Vegas and the lonely truck driver riding the lonely highway. And along the desert roads were the glowing signs saying “last stop for gas”, or  “adult video and magazines one exit ahead”.

We finally hit Las Vegas about midnight not to late by Vegas standards.  Talia was tired so she wanted to get some sleep, while me and Darrell decided to go out and have some fun. We walked the strip and watched all the drunks stumble around, seeing some girl saying i got to pee, I’m going to do it right here as she squatted on the sidewalk, though no pee.  We ended up going back to the hotel and sitting at the bar and having some watered down drinks and trying to make friends with the bar tender but only making him mad i think. he didn’t talk much to us.  Me and Darrell came to the conclusion that the mix drinks suck. remember to bring your own, my flask only lasted me and Darrell a couple of minutes.

After a lively discussion about whether the games are rigged or not we finally decided we should do what Vegas is famous for and play some of our hard earned money away.  Stopping at a slot machine and throwing in 3 dollars i came back up right away winning 30 dollars. Yes! i got my drinking money back, This carried over to the black jack tables where me and Darrell decided to try for the first time, how hard can it be you go to you hit 21 right? well being our first time we decided to play the 10 dollar tables and ask the dealer to help us out. as we started to play she was explaining the game to us and after winning a couple of hands i decided to pull out by this point i had won 40 bucks more and Darrell i think was up to 20.

I really don’t like to push my luck so being happy with where i was at we decided to go and get something to eat at the restaurant in the casino. It was a bad decision there was not enough staff and to many drunk people wandering around like zombies with red bloodshot eyes at 4 in the morning. So after getting seated and ordering food, oatmeal for me and a chicken fried steak for Darrell and waiting 20 minutes for no food we walked out.  We ended up-stairs at mcdonalds with more of the bloodshot eyed zombies and a pair of what looked to be zombie hookers, that was the conclusion me and Darrell came to.

well after eating we figured it was time for some sleep so we went back to the room and fell asleep about 5 in the morning we were up at 8 i walked down to get Talia a donut from krispy cream and while down i said what the hell and went and played a couple  more hands i won 2 and lost 1, so up by 20 more bucks. So i payed for breakfast with that cash. The rest of the time was spent at the mall, cruising shops with Darrell and Talia, going to the paul frank shop which i must say was really disappointing there was hardly anything cool in there, very disappointing indeed not enough shirts or much to look at. well we ended walking up and down the strip with all the other tourists. getting handed cards for call girls, and watching the people file along the streets,  i was taking pictures the whole time, Las Vegas for photos is just so fun and exciting it seems as soon as you shoot and turn, there is another scene waiting to be photographed. Yes i will have those sometime to show, things have slowed down photographically for me for some time now. don’t know why, it just has. ill be back with lots of film soon, i promise. I’m getting it dropped of sometime this week.

after walking around on the strip for awhile i think to myself hey I’m not coughing as much, i must have shocked my body and just maybe the cold doesn’t know what to do with itself.

But i got to tell you i went on this trip last month, went to the doctor twice and they tell me the same thing. you just got a cough. and i still have this cough. it just wont go away. it sucks. i told talia i think its anthrax, she says to me or baby powder. i dont know either way i think im dying.

well back to the story.

after walking around we decided to hit up one of the buffets, Its funny I’m not to much into buffets, Talia on the other hand loves buffets. Its not like she goes overboard i think just the idea of having lots of food to choose from is so much fun to her. after waiting in line for about 45 minutes we made it in, we all ate and after i fell asleep at the table for about 15 minutes we decided it was time to go.

Me and Darrell thought it was about that time again to go down and try our luck at the tables, i had 25 bucks left from the day. And i have to say i love Talia with all my heart and think she is the most incredible woman ever but when it comes to me using what luck i have, she cancels it out. within maybe 2 minutes i lost it all. in three hands it was over. i laughed and looked at Talia and shrugged my shoulders. on the other hand Darrell found a  15 dollar minimum bid table, sat down and after going at it with the dealer back and forth he decides what the hell and throws 15 that goes to 30, throws 30 down that goes to 60 up until he reaches about 130. i tell him dude you got to pull out your even… he looks at me and laughs and says yeah. so we go and cash out. at this point i think he has what i call the fever. i think he wanted to go back out there and cause some more damage. i call it the fever because the player usually gets this look in there eyes, they usually start looking around like a crazed person and with a glazed look in there eyes.

but we had to get back to chandler at this point, since we had obligations Sunday morning. so we loaded up and threw Darrell in the back of the car against his will. but after about 20 minutes he was out until we reached phoenix about midnight. i drove all the way back home to phoenix driving through the night about the same pace as Talia only thing with police officers driving all over the place. right out of phoenix while we were in the darkest part of the desert we pulled of into a rest stop  we decided to get out and look at the stars, its such a rare sight living in the city and so close even on the reservation you don’t get to see the stars glowing in the night as much anymore. honestly i think it was the best part of the trip holding talia and looking at the stars glowing bright in the sky. where was darrell you ask? sitting in the car. not wanting to get out. and still tired.

the rest of the trip home was through the city nothing to spectacular just trying to stay awake and not speed. we dropped of Darrell and went home. happy to be home after the fun day and night. i told Darrell we should go back again sometime soon and stay the whole weekend he agreed, so maybe in the near future i might have another story from there who knows.

i know this wasn’t that crazy of a story as you might have thought but hey it was fun, maybe next time it will rank up right up there with hunter s thompson’s story…

who knows.


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