my beloved canonet. RIP

well it seems finally after all this time that my beloved canonet has finally decided to die on me. this camera has served me well has been with me through alot.  it was one of my first cameras that i bought when i decided to take up photography again, i bought a yashica gt of someone and then realizing the yashica was a little to big to carry with me all the time i bought a canonet which i learned to use and love for its small size and build.

it has given me alot of awesome shots and many memories. it has fallen alot and always managed to keep going through it all, it has dents, scratches, and looks its age now, its birth was sometime between the years of 1972 to 1982. this has been my camera i carry with me every single day and it never gave up on me. until the other night i tried to use the focus ring and it felt a little stiff then i took a couple of shots and then it completely wouldnt advance no more. or take any photos. i sat there thinking what am i going to do. and kept shaking my head in disbelief. I’m still kinda in a state of shock right now.

i have another canonet that i bought some time ago in case something like this happened but have really never ran anything through it and well feel a little guilty about using another camera. im trying to work up enough courage to take it out and put some film through it. who knows i might try to get the other one fixed. 

but until then who knows. 

i  miss my camera.


One thought on “my beloved canonet. RIP

  1. Thanks for linking me to yr blog again!
    It seems the camera became an extension of you- of your eyes and brain. It recorded images that impressed you in it’s own way, beyond just yr memory. I hope that you can find somewhere to send it to be fixed, but perhaps a different camera will eventually give you similar satisfaction of making an interpretation of the reality you see. A man and his camera- it’s a beautiful thing!

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