Valentines Day and broken knee caps.

So Valentines Day was a memorable one around this place.  I spent the day with talia went for a bike ride made some cupcakes and just enjoyed the day with her. Up until i got a call from my mother saying she had gone to a pow wow earlier in the evening and had fallen hurting her knee but was driving home. I asked her if she was alright and she said she was a bit sore but ok, she said she would call me later. so i get a call from my brother a couple of hours later and he tells me he took her to the hospital and the knee was bleeding profusely he tells me they are going to take x-rays, but she will be ok.  then about 20 minutes later he tells me she broke her knee cap. 

so i made my way to the hospital and by the time i got there she had 2 shots of morphine and a 3rd was on its way. by this point she said she was feeling nauseous and was feeling sick they gave her 2 different types of nausea medicine and finally something that knocked her out they told us they were going to transfer her to another hospital. so we got a ambulance ride at about 2:30 in the morning. we arrived at the hospital at about 3 in the morning and got her in bed. i remember having a dr pepper and funyuns for dinner/breakfast at about 4:30. i was asleep at 5. awake at 7. 

the next day she was able to talk but tired. then came the cramps my mom has always had bad leg cramps and at about 11:30 she starting crying in pain from them. they got so bad she had to get out of bed and walk around a bit. she was walking around on a broken knee cap. this was on sunday.

i remember going to work monday and tuesday going to see her after work, and trying to get all of us kids organized with things she needed and paperwork she needed done. i took wednesday off since she was going to have surgery they scheduled the surgery for about 12 noon but didn’t get to her till around 5. so after waiting around for a couple of hours she came out and was in alot of pain. she said she could feel it in her bones. i felt so bad for her. there is nothing like hearing your parent call out your name in pain. they ended up having to put 3 screws in her knee instead of having to put 2 pins in. the doctor also said her bones were strong and she should heal nicely.  i went home as my brother stayed the night. when i wasn’t there my brother was there. So the next day she said was actually able to talk to us even walked around for a bit. by friday she was feeling pretty good and wanting to come home. Luckily the doctors agreed that she was able to come home friday evening. 

so now she is at home in recovery and im sure getting bored. she is going to have to stay home for 8 weeks get on FLMA and wear a brace on her leg. she also has a wheelchair and a walker. but other than that she is home .

so that was the valentines day and week. i would post more about this but honestly most of it was a blur.  

now comes the healing process and some pics of her knee! 




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