Talia’s Valentines Box

For Valentines Day i have always tried to do something different for her. and this is what i came up with. i wanted to wrap it in a red bow but it didn’t work out to well I’m not to good at tying bows and it took away from the text. the text is carousel which i think is a awesome font i love the “v” it is a awesome letter in that font. so i printed it out cut a stencil and then outlined it on the box and filled it in with a trusty sharpie it came out really nice. i lined the box with tissue paper and placed ring pops inside. ring pops have always been one of me and talia’s favorite candies, it was one of the first candies i ever bought her.

it was a fun little are project. and i think it came out pretty good in the end. 


here is the box it has a nice little lid on it. it seemed to be made out of cardboard. 


the top of the box. i love that “V”.


tissue paper. inside the box. 


and the awesomness candy in the world! RING POPS!.

i also bought talia a necklace and intended on placing it in the box but alas snail mail didn’t get here in time.


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