Accident right outside my window.

at the traffic light right outside my window for whatever reason there are always car accidents, usually always involving a semi. we are in the industrial park and we see lots of semi’s and to make it more interesting the casino is right down the road. we also here alot of sirens going to the casino. we always kid someone must have hit the jackpot and fainted or passed out. 

well me and my coworker were out on errands and out for a coffee run when we got to the intersection and saw a accident. no one seemed to be hurt thank god, but all i could think of was i got to get inside and get the digital camera. im always the one recording these weird accidents at work. no one has enough courage to run out and take some photos. 

like i said no one was hurt, they had the ambulances out and had everyone checked out. so we all were thankful for that. thought the car was not drivable. 

i hate accidents. 

but here are the photos i took. 


no one was hurt severely in the accident, so that was good, the grey suv hit the bashas truck. i dont think the suv had a chance.

the truck driver really looked pissed, im sure after the accident he was worried about the people and then after that the anger usually sets in. 

i liked the police officer and driver leaning on the truck on opposite sides. 

im sure she was sad, angry, concerned not knowing what to do. i felt bad for her since she was the one driving. all you can do is stand there and fold your hands. 

they were coming inside the building at this point and me not wanting to be in the way was shooting from the office window. it was one way glass so they couldnt see me. they were needing to have the car towed and came in waiting for a ride. we ended up making bags with snacks and treats for the kids. 


im glad no one was hurt and im glad it was just a vehicle that was injured, it could have been alot worse and sad. cars and trucks can be replaced but life is a whole different story.


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