Pictures from my yashica and canonet -RIP-

this has to be one of the last rolls that i took with the canonet. im still in mourning and to see the scans form this camera made it a little worse.

the film is the once again 35mm dollar store film. i still love the way this film renders its colors. i love saturated colors. 


back at the park again. it was cold and i wet my pants coming down the slide. noses were running and turning red and sweaters were worn. yashica shot

it has taken awhile for her to warm up to the swing. i think she loves it now. one of my new favorite frames. yashica shot. 

im in love with this one too…yashica shot. 

flowers for talia. her birthday on february 11th. im one of the few males that loves seeing color in the home. especially flowers. sometimes i buy flowers for her that are actually for me. a lovely canonet shot. 

this girl is forever singing humming or whistling. it always makes me smile. man i miss my canonet. 


on friday the 13th we went to go see the remake of the friday the 13th movie. my brother was really excited to go see it but alas we ended up being disappointed, though or commentary was funny. 

sigh hollywood when are you going to make a awesome horror movie. 

on valentines day my mom broke her knee cap. this is a couple of days later after she wasnt drugged up on morphine. she was actually able to make some calls. 

her and her trusty la lakers blanket. the one thing from home that she wanted. 

somewhere around here i have another roll of film. with more pictures on it. im glad that she is home now and recovering. these last frames were shot on the canonet.

RIP in piece good friend. 

i think i should just take a loan out for a couple of grand and buy me a leica. 



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