6 years ago

being at home.  its weird i havent slept in this room since i was going to be married. that’s almost 6 years ago. i not once have been home to sleep here. i don’t know why i don’t really come home. sometimes to be honest with you i don’t like coming around here no more. i think i have said it before that at times there seems to be more grieving than happiness. but tonight i had fun spending time with my mom and talking with her. it seems like some time since i actually spent time with her and just talked about whatever.

so here i am lying in the same corner as i layed in almost 6 years ago. different bed but it still feels the same. the room has now passed on to my brother. sometimes it feels like more of a bachelor pad than a bed room, for the most part he is pretty clean. he just has alot of records and his turntables.

but i cant help but lay her and be not sleepy and think to myself how weird it is.