ive been wondering.

so i have a question. do the people that leave comments on peoples blogs are they real, im not talking about the people with real blogs who write about real things, but the ones  when you click on there name it usually takes you to what seems like a sellers blog i dont get it are those considered spam comments or what?

a question i have pondered for awhile.


2 thoughts on “ive been wondering.

  1. I would guess that some might be from real people trolling around, but I think most are generated by some program that searches for blogs they can leave an automated message on. I wonder if this kind of thing works, though. Does spamming blogs and/or email addresses actually get them any business?

    1. see i wonder about that, i get comments from people and im always unsure if i should approve or not. when i click on there names to find out more about them it takes me to a blog but with stuff fro sale or whatever.

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