random musings

so as always i neglect to write here. i think twitter has taken most of my time. which is sad in a sense cause i really enjoy writing here and well honestly don’t have much to show or put down. ever since the camera died i don’t shoot no more. i have the other canonet but it doesn’t feel the same. it just feels off…

life doesn’t look the same when i look through the finder. i finished a roll of film and still have yet to develop it. 

sorry had to leave for awhile took a walk to a business down the road. nice little 15 minute walk. good for the body especially since i’m still sick.


well finally getting back to writing this post.  feeling alot better these days after taking my antibiotics. still have a tiny cough, and runny nose but all is almost back to normal. except friday and saturday i had some allergic reactions, i find my allergic reactions frustrating and annoying. i get huge lips and they dont go down for a day or 2 so sitting at home is really all i can do. 

so hopefully i can get back to riding and maybe shooting some more film. 

well i hope this finds you all well. the weather has been awesome here in az. 




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